Meet Molly

Hey there, Fit Friend!

I'm Molly, your certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I built and grew Strong Girl Fitness into a business all about helping amazing women, just like you, live the healthiest and happiest lives they deserve. 

I'm often asked how I got into the health and fitness industry. It is a pretty big shift from graduating with a journalism degree and wanting to work for a daily newspaper. 

My Story

Honestly, I wasn’t always into health and fitness.  In fact, I’ve done a pretty big 180 to get to where I am now. I used to hate it. I couldn't even run up the block without gasping for air. Even so, I don’t have a huge physical transformation story to share – I haven’t lost 50 lbs,  reversed high cholesterol levels or cultivated a sweet six-pack (still workin’ on that one).

It’s been a slow transition of mindset over the last few years.

It began 4 years ago

In May 2011, my mom went in for what was considered a routine surgery. She came out with an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

During a time of complete upheaval and confusion, my mom began chemotherapy and made jokes about losing the hair she had finally grown to a length she liked, and I began researching holistic nutrition, alternative medicine, fitness and their correlations to disease. I felt very out of control and the only thing I felt could keep me grounded was educating myself. Educating myself on what exactly, I wasn’t totally sure. But the more I read about holistic health, exercise physiology and natural  products, the more interested I became.  I was sharing everything I learned with anyone that would listen.

What this ended up showing me is that everyone was just as clueless as I had been about health. So I kept doing research, and I kept sharing it with others. Over time, this developed into friends and family coming to ME with questions:

  •  “What should I eat instead of this?”
  • “Is this unhealthy?”
  • “What do you think of this product?”

What started as desperation in the face of illness became one of my biggest passions.

Everyone deserves a fighting chance; if I Have the ability to help people with that, then bring it on.

Fast forward 2 years, my mom is cancer-free and I am a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach...I never saw the two of those things being connected, but here we are! And I'm not stoppin' there...


  • Holistic and Integrative Health (February 2017)
  • Meditation (February 2017)
  • Energy Healing (April 2017)


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition (Spring 2017)


You just never know...

What path you may find yourself walking down, what opportunities may present themselves, what passion you may discover when you least expect it. Don't count yourself out or count yourself short because I promise you, you're capable of far more than you realize. It took me many years to see that in myself, which is why it so important that I help YOU realize it as soon as possible. Don't waste time playing it safe; that certainly doesn't make for an interesting story, and you know you want to have one.

Take a look at my programs to see which one is the right fit for you. I truly can't wait to help you take your health, and life, to the next level!