Top 10 Strength Training Tips for Beginners

Working out and strength training have seriously been two of the best things I've ever done for myself. Which is why I'm crazy about getting my fellow Strong Girls comfortable with dumbbells!

Women often miss out on the benefits of strength training because of the fear of getting bulky. This is a MYTH. You WILL experience an improvement in tone, strength and endurance, though.

I know it can still be scary...that's why I've created a list of the TOP strength training tips beginners need to know so they can drop body fat, sculpt lean muscle, and FEEL strong and healthy.

Bodyweight movements

Simple bodyweight movements can improve your strength, flexibility and overall wellness. It doesn't cost a thing, it's super efficient if you're low on time, it's great for fat-burning and it's ALWAYS challenging, no matter your fitness level! Because bodyweight exercises involve compound movements (utilizing multiple muscles and joints at the same time) you'll see results. Check out our library of bodyweight movements you can add to your arsenal of fit-tricks.

Stretching & Flexibility

People tend to overlook stretching, in part because it doesn't show "progress" like strength training or weight loss does. But it's just as important! Stretching can improve flexibility and balance, improves your posture, can help reduce soreness and decrease your changes of injury, and can calm your mind and give your body a chance to recharge and release mental/physical tension. View our library of beneficial stretches.