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Whole30 Boot Camp

At the beginning of the year, a group of friends and I decided to tackle a month of Whole30. For those who are not familiar with the Whole30/paleo movement, for 30-days you eliminate certain food groups (particularly the ones known to cause chronic inflammation in the body, like gluten, diary and legumes. Plus sulfites, MSG, alcohol...ya know, the not-great-for-you stuff). The elimination helps as a 'reset,' allowing your gut and immune system to heal, and hormones to balance themselves out, so your body can begin to function ultimately again.

While weight loss IS built into this program - for more information, read It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig - the hope of the program is to help you change your emotional and physical relationship with food.

Some of us lost over 5 inches from our waists, chests and bootay! But what's more...we feel (physically & mentally) SO. MUCH. BETTER.

“I have seen such a difference in my body in the past 3 weeks; it is insane. I tried on a bunch of shorts this morning that I wasn’t able to fit into a few weeks ago, and I was effing giddy…I had room to spare in the waist!!! This has been amazing for me and I will continue it…I will not go back to what I was. My whole mindset has changed!”

So, why can't that be you, too?!

That's why I'm rolling out this brand new Whole30 Boot Camp, starting on Monday, February 27th!

For this very exclusive group, I am looking to work with 10 busy but motivated ladies who are ready buckle down on their nutrition, no excuses, and see AMAZING results! We'll be kicking ass with workouts 4-5 days per week, while following the Whole30 program. (No specific meal plan included)

I AM HERE TO SHOW YOU THAT "resets" do not need to be just drinking cayenne pepper and water!

This online program is 4 weeks, and includes my personal boot camp workout plans, a one-time health/fitness consult, video tutorials and accountability. Fees will apply because, let's face it, we're all a lot more successful with follow-through when we put our money where our mouth is. However, I am 100% confident that I can find a plan that fits your budget. So, ask me!

The Whole30 Boot Camp program will start on Monday, February 27th.


"Overall, I didn't weigh myself (because the scale and I have bad history) - but I did lose something like 5 inches on my waist, 4 inches on my chest, 2 inches on my thighs and like an inch and 1/2 on my hips/ ass. 

...This was the first time I focused on actual physical results. (The last few times, I was in fabulous shape, so it wasn't as evident). Physically, I felt great on day 30. I didn't have heart burn anymore, I didn't wake up with headaches, my skin was clear and my usual crazy dreams had all but vanished. 

Should you attempt this? Yes! For sure, I think it's a great reset for anyone who might be looking to jumpstart a diet, or is having bloating or other physical maladies that you think could be fixed with a lifestyle change."


  • Specific Whole30 grocery list and recipes to take the guess work out of meal prep and cooking
  • Convenient, multi-week online program that fits any crazy schedule and adjusts based on which phase of Whole30 you're in
  • Accountability and support from me and fellow ladies who have completed Whole30 at least once before, to help you totally kick ass & take names
  • The focus, quality, dedication and commitment you'd expect from me, a trainer who has been working exclusively with women just like YOU for over three years


  • 4 week program starting on February 27
  • Ladies will be given a grocery list of Whole30 food ideas and recipes to focus on to help fuel them 
  • Participants will be asked to track Whole30 meals by sharing photos and recipes within the group daily
  • All participants will be added to a private Facebook group with supportive, like-minded Strong Girls
  • Boot campers will be expected to follow a 4-5 day per week workout plan that includes written workouts and hyperlinked videos
  • Exercises will be appropriate for ALL levels, with modified options for beginners and progression options for experienced boot campers. The workouts will include strength/weight training, function training techniques, HIIT workouts, yoga/active rest
  • Participants will be required to pay in advance (in full) and fill out all health forms, waivers and liability forms before the boot camp begins.

You may purchase my Whole30 Boot Camp program (results guaranteed or money back after good faith effort for 4 weeks) for only $75. Please register to join below. I am only accepting the first 10 ladies who register so I can ensure individualized attention for everyone participating.

After you register, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. I will also send you the health forms, waiver and liability forms. Payment (in full) and all forms are due prior to the start of the boot camp. Please let me know if you have any questions at all! 

We will plan on checking in before the weekend with a grocery list and a few recipe ideas to get us started on Monday, 2/27!

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