Whole30 Explained + a Breakfast Recipe

On January 1, a group of friends and I started Whole30. For those who are not familiar with the Whole30/paleo movement, for 30-days you eliminate certain food groups (particularly the ones known to cause chronic inflammation in the body, like gluten, diary and legumes. Plus sulfites, MSG, alcohol...ya know, the not-great-for-you stuff). The elimination helps as a 'reset,' allowing your gut and immune system to heal, and hormones to balance themselves out, so your body can begin to function ultimately again.

Weight loss IS built into this program - for more information, read It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig - the hope of the program is to help you change your emotional and physical relationship with food.

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The Whole30 program isn't meant to be a "diet," nor does it include counting calories or "punishing" yourself for being "bad" during the holiday season. This is meant to be a short-term "reset" that focuses on clean, whole foods and paying more attention to/being mindful of your nutrition.

Right now, we are on Day 12 of Whole30 and my biggest complaint is headaches at this point (this could also be the result of sporadic weather and barometric changes, I'm sensitive to that). Most of the other participants are struggling with low energy, some cravings, and vivid dreams (myself included). I've also noticed that - TMI - I've become much more regular and less bloated, and I seem to be in a much better, stable mood. What I HAVEN'T experienced yet (and that I'm very anxious to get to) are improved sleep and decrease in cravings.

Holy Jesus, the cravings...I purposely rid the house of everything non-compliant with the plan, so at night, when I tend to get the cravings, I just half-enthusiastically eat my macadamia nuts and call it a night. But I swear to I don't even know what, if I see one more Reese's Egg or Reese's Heart, I'm going to set the chocolate display on fire. 

SO...with that said...Whole30 does allow for some tastiness, including unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter. So, I did some digging to find a recipe where I could utilize these two ingredients and hopefully kick my cravings directly in the teeth.

Whole30 Breakfast Bowl

Source: Bravo for Paleo

This is a recipe I found on Bravo for Paleo. The recipe is absolutely DELICIOUS. I changed/excluded some ingredients, so I have posted my version of the recipe below. However, please check out Bravo for Paleo's version, as that is where my inspiration came from!

Whole30 Breakfast Bowl

I used to only use 2 eggs in this recipe, but found that adding a 3rd made the bowl a little more filling for me. Not even joking, I make this probably 3-4 times per week. We go through A LOT of eggs in my house.

Try out this recipe and be sure to hop on over to Bravo of Paleo - she has a TON of Whole30 and paleo-based recipes for all meals; I've been cooking a ton from that site. Enjoy!