What a Waist Boot Camp: Enroll now!

What a Waist!!!

It's already April. Like, when the hell did that happen?! I mean, the snow on the ground is throwing me off a little...but make no mistake, summer is right around the corner! (Just typing that gave me an eye twitch...)

I'm not gonna give you the usual, cliched, "Get your best beach body now!" pitch

Why? Because we don't work on our bodies purely for aesthetics and a particular season.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love tightening up my waist and starting to see those abs peak through. But that's something I work on year-round. 

This is the attitude and mindset I teach my clients, and I firmly believe it is why they see such amazing (and sustainable) results!

“I have seen such a difference in my body in the past 3 weeks; it is insane. I tried on a bunch of shorts this morning that I wasn’t able to fit into a few weeks ago, and I was effing giddy…I had room to spare in the waist!!! This has been amazing for me and I will continue it…I will not go back to what I was. My whole mindset has changed!”
- Cait M.

So why can't that be you, too?!

That's why I'm rolling out a new, 6-week boot camp, starting on Monday, April 18!

For this very exclusive group, I am looking to work with 10 busy but motivated ladies who are willing to, or want to become, comfortable with strength training to tighten their waists and actually FEEL healthy! We'll be kicking ass with workouts 4-5 days per week, and following a Paleo-style diet. (No specific meal plan included)


This online program is 6 weeks, and includes my personal boot camp workout plans, a one-time consult, video tutorials and accountability. Fees will apply because, let's face it, we're all a lot more successful with follow-through when we put our money where our mouth is. However, I am 100% confident that I can find a plan that fits your budget. So, ask me!

The What a Waist Boot Camp program will start on Monday, April 18.


  • Specific Paleo grocery list and recipes to take the guess work out of meal prep and cooking
  • Convenient, multi-week online program that fits any crazy schedule
  • Accountability and support from me to help you totally kick ass & take names
  • The focus, quality, dedication and commitment you'd expect from me, a trainer who has been working exclusively with women just like YOU for several years


  • 6 week program starting on April 18
  • Ladies will be given a grocery list of paleo-friendly food ideas and recipes to focus on to help fuel them 
  • All participants will be added to a private Facebook group with supportive, like-minded Strong Girls
  • Boot campers will be expected to follow a 4-5 day per week workout plan that includes written workouts and hyperlinked videos
  • Exercises will be appropriate for ALL levels, with modified options for beginners and progression options for experienced boot campers. The workouts will include strength/weight training, function training techniques and HIIT workouts
  • Participants will be required to pay in advance and fill out all health forms, waivers and liability forms before the boot camp begins.

You may purchase my What a Waist Boot Camp program (results guaranteed) for only $20 per week ($120 total). Please register to join below. I am only accepting the first 10 ladies who register so I can ensure individualized attention for everyone participating.

After you register, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. I will also send you the health forms, waiver and liability forms. Payment (in full) and all forms are due prior to the start of the boot camp. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

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