BeFit All Year Review [and Giveaway]

BeFit has created a whole-lie, healthy living program that combines a workout calendarworkout videos, and nutritional supplements to help you live your healthiest lifestyle possible.

I was lucky enough to be hooked up with all these products & services, to try them out for review over the last month. 

I received the following to help me #BeFitAllYear:

  • Intro video for the 30-day program
  • 30-day workout calendar
    • I'm ALWAYS looking to shake up my workout routine, and I love that the schedule routinely had something new to prevent me from getting bored (This can happen easily for me).
  • 30-day workout video playlist
    • Can anyone say FREE?!?!?! Holla!
  • BeFit’s nutritional products (Pre-workout, Whey Protein, and Burn)
    • I'm not gonna lie, the pre-workout and whey protein taste great!! And if you've tried so many different brands, like I have, you know that can be a rare find.
      • I used the PRE before working out on my intense days, and it definitely gave me that extra push I needed. The fruit punch flavor is not overly sweet and didn't leave my stomach feeling weird. 

        The foundation of PRE is composed of two powerful, clinically studied ingredients, elevATP and BetaPower Natural Betaine. ElevATP is an extract from peat water and apples that stimulates the production of ATP – the body’s energy source. Betaine is derived from sugar beets and helps to improve muscle endurance. 

        It also contains the following: Natural Branched Chain Amino Acids, L-Carnitine, Organic Coconut Water Powder (electrolytes), Guarana, L-Citrulline and Vitamin B12.
      • The WHEY PROTEIN  helps satisfy your appetite and supports muscle recovery by combining two different types of protein, whey and casein, into this yummy chocolate-y protein powder. Whey protein isolate is quickly digested and absorbed, helping you feel full faster and casein protein is considered a slow-release protein, which enable the naturally occurring amino acids a longer window of time to help muscles recover. It contains 22 grams of protein per serving and is GMO and gluten-free!
      • The BURN™ supplements help your body create thermogenesis (heat), which helps burn fat. It also supports healthy blood sugar levels (already within normal limits), which is important for managing cravings and curbing your appetite. It's also great because it doesn't over-stimulate your central nervous system, which can be common among fat-burners.

Giveaway Announcement

I hosted a giveaway for these amazing products on my Instagram and Facebook pages over the last several weeks. Entries for the giveaway are currently CLOSED.

Congratulations to giveaway winner Eryn C!

DISCLOSURE: I received BeFit products and compensation in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.