Strong Girl Fitness REFERRAL BONUSES! (and a new Buddy-Coaching deal!)

Referral Bonuses FTW! 

Source: Instagram (@efhamarandsienna)

Source: Instagram (@efhamarandsienna)

Word of mouth referrals and testimonials are like GOLD for small businesses. And I so greatly appreciate when someone takes the time to mention Strong Girl Fitness to a friend, repost one of my promos or programs, and reach out with kinds word.

So, as a thank you...

Strong Girl Fitness has implemented referral bonuses!

Business Coaching: Refer a friend to one of my business coaching programs, and she signs up (yay!), you will receive a FREE 45-minute coaching call with me.

Personal Training: Refer a friend to one of my personal training programs, and she signs up (double yay!), you will receive a FREE week of customized strength training & cardio workouts.

Check out the deets on each of the programs here.

Your continued support means more to me than you know. THANK YOU!


I've got another crazy-awesome offer for you bad-asses!

As I told the ladies in my Facebook Group, The Fitpreneur Life, I've heard you all, LOUD & CLEAR, (from Facebook friends, people on Instagram, visitors to my Web site etc.) on what you want out of coaching, how you want to get to a successful place with your biz, what's holding you back, the struggles of affording a coach etc. I want you to know that I TRULY GET IT and I'm working in every way I can to make sure I provide you with the most value (Mastermind group, monthly trainings etc.)

In the mean time, I am running a BUDDY-COACHING deal until the end of Saturday, 1/23/16 at 11:59 p.m. ET!

Source: Instagram (@DanielleLaPorte)

Source: Instagram (@DanielleLaPorte)

Find a fellow fitpreneur who's interested in starting or growing a biz, and both of you will be coached TOGETHER for HALF the price.

 Each of you will pay $750 instead of my usual $1,500 (PAYMENT PLAN STILL AVAILABLE), and I will run through the while 90-day program with you two together smile emoticon It's a built-in accountability partner and a HUGE money saver.

I do NOT plan on running this time of deal anytime in the future. So, for serious, if you've been on the fence about coaching, THIS IS THE TIME to sign up! Only 3 Buddy-Coaching slots available.

Read the details about the program here:

And sign up for a complimentary clarity call to make sure the working together would be a good fit for all of us!