Girl, You Are a Boss

A fellow fitpreneur's story

Meet Jen of Burpees for Breakfast

I'm currently sipping my first cup of coffee out of one of my new favorite mugs. It's teal and says 'Girl, You are A Boss' in white cursive. I love it. Isn't it cute? I've had this post on my 'MUST WRITE' list for a hot minute.  And I've been trying to decide how to start it off for a few days. Tis the life of a #girlboss, all the things on the brain, all the time.

'If you would have told me 1 year ago, I'd be where I am now, I wouldn't have believed you!' People say that alot, right? About a lot of different things. In my case, it just so happens to be true, but that quote as an opener didn't sound as cool as telling you about my coffee cup.

Back in December 2014, I had just gotten engaged and was doing pretty well at my full time job, as a project manager for a small tech company. I came from a social work and retail background, doing some bigger event planning and directing a non profit in Boston. A series of digestive issues had me leave Boston for home in Indiana, to heal my gut and take a job at the tech company, which, based on my resume, I had no experience for other than the fact that I had a customer service background and was detail oriented. To make a long story short, that experience ignited a passion in me to pursue health and fitness full-time.

Initially, I wanted to go into Dietetics and do personal training on the side, but, hello student loan debt. So, fitness came first. After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, I started teaching at a local bootcamp, got my Group Fitness Instructor Certification and took on a couple clients here and there. My love of fitness continued to grow and the idea of starting my own business danced around in the back of my head.

Then February of 2015, I was laid off. Just a few months before my wedding. Talk about shock.

After a necessary amount of time being angry, upset, nervous and a little excited, I realized what a cool opportunity I had to dive head first into making my dream of starting my own business a reality. I'm a type A, overachiever, go-getter girl. If anyone could start their own business, doing what they loved full-time, it was this girl. So, new job title: #girlboss.

To be honest, in those months following, it was a struggle. I didn't know how to get started. I didn't know what I wanted to focus on. I had the drive and determination, I knew I loved fitness, I was passionate about helping people, but I didn't have a solid direction. It affected me so much that I wasn't sure I could do it. I had won tickets to BlogFest and told myself that if I didn't come back with some realistic goals, I needed to get a real job.

Turns out, I came back on fire and ready to start getting shit done. I finished up my nutrition coaching certification, started rebranding, launched a nutrition coaching program, and started getting some concrete goals in place to grow my business, including hiring a business coach. Since early August of 2015, I've been going full steam ahead with growing my business. I've launched new online bootcamps, created an eBook, grown social media platforms, increased my fitness class load and taken on new clients, including 2 males in November (I mainly work with females!). I've fully embraced the title of #girlboss.

It's funny because I don't use my social work degree in the way most others do. I've always been passionate about helping and serving others. It blows my mind that I can merry my passion for serving with my passion for fitness, health and wellness. My life has been changed by getting my health in check and I can't help but work to inspire others to do the same!

Here are a few pieces of advice that I've learned along the way. You'll notice they not only apply to being a #girlboss, but also fitness and nutrition.

Know your priorities and do what you gotta do to make it happen: Even though I'm a trainer and instructor, I still find it tough to get in my workouts at times. Whether it's a new consult or meeting, program deadline, being 'in the zone' with a project, or just being too tired, sometimes I don't have the energy to workout. That said, I feel my best when I spend quality time in the gym. Therefore, I schedule my gym time. I make it priority to get in my 10,000 steps during work days, even if it means walking on the dreadmill.

If something is truly important, make it a priority and make it happen.

Self-care is necessary: As a #girlboss, you will go through every emotion, sometimes all in one day...errr, even one hour. If you don't know yourself well enough to handle a roller coaster of emotions, you need to figure it out and figure it out now. You need to know when to rest in the midst of a hustle, take a Treat Yo'Self Day when you just can't focus on work, understand what needs to happen to get yourself out of a funk and know what kind of motivation you need to stay on track with your workouts and nutrition.

Get a coach: Whether it's to jump start your business or to meet a fitness goal, hiring a coach is one of the most valuable things you can do. I don't like asking for help and I tend to think my way is best. It's pretty humbling and so helpful to have someone look at your goal from the outside and offer constructive advice to help you get better.

Know your why: Why the heck are you a #girlboss? Why the heck are you spending hours in the gym working out? Why? If you are sold on your why or if you don't know why you are doing what you are doing, then it's going to be hard, maybe near impossible, to keep doing it. Know your why. Be excited about your way. Live your why.

"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most." I often remind myself of this quote from my pastor, in the midst of a crazy hectic day. If you want something, you must have the discipline to go after it. Being the best version of yourself takes hustle, hard work and loads of discipline. It's tough, but worth it!

Jen is a nutrition coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, blogger and #girlboss behind the wellness company, Burpees for Breakfast Fitness. She strives to educate and inspire women to achieve a healthy life, through nutrition and fitness coaching, by equipping them with the tools they need to make smart choices that enhance their life.

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