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Branding goes way beyond just a logo or a graphic. Kind of think of branding as a “promise” to your client. It tells them who you are, what services you provide and it helps you stand apart from the other competitors. A huge part of establish cohesion across your social media platforms is nailing down your branding.  The first piece of branding you have is your logo – how involved are you or were you in the creation of your logo? Did you give the graphic designer ideas, color schemes etc. or did they create it on their own? Either way, you want to create “brand standards” – that includes having the same fonts and color schemes across various templates.

Without branding, you risk a client thinking that your service can be swapped out for another, similar one. You want to put a unique spin on what you offer to make it different.  



Pricing your services appropriately is very important. With so many other health businesses out there, you want to obviously have competitive pricing. But what tends to happen is, especially with women, we end up UNDER-valuing our services by pricing packages way too low. A lot of times, we think if we price so low, people are bound to sign up with us (that is not necessarily true for several reasons: if you value your services so, so low compared to your competitors, people are actually going to wonder why.) and also we tend to not think we and our services are worth that pricing. Now, that is a much larger issue where I’d say wealth consciousness and mindset work is important. But I'll save that for another post.

I am going to ask you some questions, and based on your answers, that can help you start building out your program/programs and start spitballing prices:

  • What type of program do you want to offer? What is the length of your program?

  • What is the style of your program – are you going to send the clients videos to follow along to? Do you send them a customized worksheets via pdf?

  • Will you do check-ins with them via email and/or text? How often?

  • Are you going to be offering any type of personalized guidance? If so, what exactly will you do?

  • What unique services do you think you could provide your clients that you don’t see your competitors necessarily doing? I.E. 1 free consult via skype to discuss any fitness/nutrition questions, or free eBook with purchase of program, daily nutrition monitoring via MFP etc.

  • If I said you had to put a value on this program right now, what would it be? Why did you choose that pricing?

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