I had no idea what I was doing when I started on my health journey. I went to the gym in street sneakers, used the lat pull down machine incorrectly, got dizzy because I didn’t eat enough before I got there and then went home feeling defeated. I followed fad diet after fad diet  because that’s what everyone else was doing and losing a ton of weight! I pushed too hard during an exercise and hurt myself.

Sound familiar?

It’s happened to all of us.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that people well into their health journeys had to start at the bottom, too. We didn’t know what we were doing either.

There are so many pieces of advice I wish I could go back and tell my health newbie-self  –  I can’t out-train a bad diet, stop beating myself up if I miss a workout, all the sit-ups in the world aren’t going to reduce my stomach fat.

This got me thinking – what did other Strong Girls wish they’d known back then? What would they have done differently? So I asked some of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors what piece of advice they’d want to give to someone just starting out.

Health/Fitness Advice for Beginners

Lifting weights will not make you huge. I know I always tell my female clients and they NEVER want to believe me. Also, set realistic, short term goals. It makes achieving them so much easier! – Rebecca, Flex and Shout Fitness

No two days will ever feel the same. – Brittany H.

Working out with intention far out weights the length of your workout. – Brittany, Balance by Brittany

If you you slip-up on your diet or skip a workout it’s not the end of the world. Just keep on pushing forward, strive for progress not perfection. – Marissa, Sass N’ Dash

Even if everyone loves a certain workout/fitness studio, it might not work for you. And that’s ok. You have to do what you find fun. And pre-booking workout classes is a great way to make sure that you go! I hate to cancel on something that I have scheduled and committed to! – Jen, Finding My Inner Bombshell

Make sure you have the proper shoes and attire! Depending on what your goals are and what activities you are aiming to participate in, proper gear can make or break your workout.  Also get a few training sessions to become more familiar with the gym and proper technique for lifting weights!!! No need to get injured as you start out! – Esther, Chocolate Runner Girl

Nutrition is everything. You can work out every single day, but if your nutrition isn’t matching your goals, it’s not going to be easy to get the results. And not all nutrition is created equal for everyone! What works for someone else might not be the perfect macros for you. – Kayla, Variety by Vashti

Make your own Journey! Figure out what you want and why and build your plans along that! – Maralana, Go Do Be

Try something more than 1x before you give up on it. In my zumba classes I’ve had people leave the first class a little overwhelmed. I encourage them to come back the next week & they always come up and tell me how much more sense the dance moves were the second time around! – Jennifer, Jennifer Voss Fitness

Leave judgement and guilt at the door. They only have one purpose to keep you from your goals. – Krishna, Baobab Wellness

You’re never alone, no matter what stage of the journey you’re on. Trust the process & trust yourself.

P.S. Can you guess where the title of my post came from? ;)