Running your own business is hard. I knew it was going to take awhile to get my footing and consistent, hard work would pay off in the end. But sometimes, you just get discouraged. I’m a perfectionist. I expect to be amazing at something from the get-go, I expect to immediately be as successful as the “pros” I look up to, and most of the time, that’s simply not feasible.

One evening, I turned to my mentor, Amanda from Fit Pregnancy and Parenting, and some fellow entrepreneurial women about the challenges I had been facing. Everyone seemed to be able to relate to the negative ‘noise’ going on in my head – even seasoned businesswomen like Amanda! That’s what surprised me the most; no one has it all together. Everyone experiences challenges in their lives, whether it be in business, relationships, our health/fitness journeys etc.

Amanda shared with me her “Encouragement File.” During a challenging time, she compiled client feedback & praise, something she could look at from time to time to help her remain optimistic. I thought this was a great idea, as positivity is a very important part in running a successful business and remaining happy.

Just in the last few months, I’ve received such kind words from clients and followers on Instagram/Facebook. I think you will find some of these motivating & inspiring, too.

A testimonial from a bootcamp client: I recently did a 21-day fitness challenge with Molly from Strong Girl Fitness. I have always wanted to get myself in better shape and just could not find the motivation anywhere. When I saw Strong Girl Fitness offering an online challenge I figured why not now? Molly formed a weekly plan for me that was so straightforward and easy to understand. As a first time worker-outer (not a thing but I just made it one) I was scared that I would be overwhelmed with all of the workout terminology – but I definitely was not. Molly sent links from YouTube in my plans so I could get myself familiar with some of the exercises before I even made it to the gym. She added suggestions on what I might want to eat before and after working out which was so helpful. I never met with Molly in person, as this was an online training program, but I can say that I felt like she was right there with me every step of the way. Overall I feel so much healthier, better and with many thanks to Molly Pappas, I now consider myself a Strong Girl. Thank you again, Molly!

A Facebook message from a client following Strong Girl Fitness: I love your Strong Girl Fitness page! You are doing an amazing job staying healthy and fit, and you’re a huge inspiration!

An email from an Instagram follower: Your accounts is one of my favorites to follow. I find it so inspiring and it puts a smile on my face every morning.

Testimonial from a past client with a personalized training program: Molly designed 4 weeks worth of workouts JUST FOR ME! These workouts were not only doable but they’re fun! They all came on the weekend in an email. If you don’t know what some of the exercises are there is a link included so you can view the proper way to do the move to ensure your safety, as well as a great workout. I never, ever EVER thought I’d work with a Personal Trainer again (because of previous issues with gymbarrassment) but the opportunity to work with Molly came my way I was on it! I promise you won’t regret working with her.

A text message from a current client: I can’t even sit down without feeling like my quads are crying, so thank you for that! But seriously, I’m doing things now I never thought I could do before – lifting heavy weights, running. Thank you for pushing me and keeping me motivated.

A Facebook message from a fellow entrepreneur: Just wanted to give you HUGE props and tell you that I love your drive!!! I’m so proud of you. There is nothing I love more than seeing women being empowered by reaching for the stars. YOU are absolutely amazing!!! I have an idea in the works and you are inspiring me.

I seriously gush over every single kind word a client or friend sends me. It truly does make me love what I do and push me to continue  down this path.