Last week I discussed how you can go about identifying your niche market and why that is so important. Today, though, I want to talk about when you figured out WHO you wanted to work with...did you write down specific traits of your idea client? What about traits of someone you DON'T want to work with?

For example, one trait I listed is that my ideal client is ready and willing to invest in themselves, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. One trait I listed for someone I don't want to work with is a person who isn't going to respect our scheduled meetings and our time together by repeatedly canceling or not showing up. This also goes for showing up to our meetings unprepared.

The reason why listing out traits (positive and negative) is so important is that you can use them as a running check list when talking to potential clients. I usually have a 30-minute Clarity Call with any potential client, and I pull up this "traits list" and check things off as we talk. If they don't seem to meet half of the traits I have for an ideal client, it may not be worth taking them on, even if the money is there. Make sense??

What is one trait of your idea client? What about one trait of someone you don't want to work with?

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