Who is your "niche market" and how do you go about identifying them?

Every field has competition. In the health and fitness industry, there are thousands of other people who do what you do. So why should a client choose to work with YOU over all the others?

This is where having a niche market comes in handy. Your value is to specialize in a business niche. By identifying a target (or niche) market, you can provide more value to your clients because you have honed your expertise in an area relevant to them (AND you limit the competition you'd be up against - yay!)

One way to do this is to make a list of characteristics of an "ideal" client - try to get REALLY specific (think age, gender, education level, personality, problem areas etc.) This will help you identify the unique needs of your potential clients and look for ways to tailor your services to meet them.

Do you have a target audience/niche market? If not, why not start brainstorming in the comments section and other fitpreneurs can help you out!